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Ciucurova Community Center for Integrated Services

Ciucurova commune is located in Tulcea county, S-E Development Region, and is composed of the following villages: Ciucurova, Fâtâna Mare and Atmagea. The population of the commune at the 2011 census was 1944 inhabitants. The majority of the inhabitants are Romanians with a percentage of 57.97%, with a minority of Roma of 32.15%, Ukrainians 6.32% and Turks 3.54%.

In the Ciucurova Community Center a community team will be active, consisting of a coordinator of the integrated community service center, a doctor, a community health nurse, a health mediator, an employment expert, a school mediator, a community facilitator and a legal expert.

The team

Ivanciu Estera

Mediator Sanitar CCSI Ciucurova

Ivanciu Estera

Angela Tatu

Expert ocupare CCSI Ciucurova

Tatu Angela

Iulian ODICĂ

Facilitator comunitar CCSI Ciucurova

Iulian Odica

Nelu Gheorghe

Mediator Scolar CCSI Ciucurova

Gheorghe Nelu

Niculina IOSIF

Coordonator CCSI Ciucurova

Niculina IOSIF

Sevastica Belacurencu

Asistent medical comunitar CCSI Ciucurova

Belacurencu Sevastica

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